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Hopefully, one day we’ll get a client that wants to be free and creative

 It would be so much fun to incorporate their child into the wedding ceremony.  

Will You Be Bringing Your Dog To Your Wedding?

Do you have a serious case of puppy love with man’s best friend? If so, it may not come as a big surprise that many couples tying the knot are choosing to involve their furry friend in the biggest day of their lives.
Pictured is Kim & Chris with their furry friend Maggie! I just adore this idea, after all, your pet is a huuuge part of your day-to-day life, so why not your wedding day too?

Here’s a snippet from Kim & Chris: 
“We wanted our photos to be natural, fun, and filled with lovely photos of our dog Maggie. Louise listened to exactly what we wanted and we ended up with the most amazing wedding photos we could have ever asked for.”

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Picking Your Wedding Venue 

There are a number of factors to take into consideration when picking a wedding venue. It is probably one of the most stressful decisions you need to make when planning a wedding because it is usually the first seeing as this also forces you to pick a date, and it is where you will be for the wedding…kind of a big deal. So here are the 5 things to consider when searching for your perfect wedding venue!

Today there are several different options for venue types. The biggest issue is deciding if you are going to have the ceremony and reception at the same location. In my experience thus far in my wedding planning, most places offer both options. You can go with a rustic themed wedding that is very popular and go with the barn look, romantic theme and go with a luxurious location, or go modern with somewhere a little more edgy.

Another aspect to keep in mind is location. There are a lot of venues out in the middle of nowhere that are beautiful, but do you want your guests to have to travel to a cornfield and not feeling like they can drink and have a good time because of the trip they have back home? Another consideration is a hotel. That may not be the perfect venue for you, but at least find one nearby for you and your new spouse as well as your guests.

It is important to also consider what all you get if choosing to book a venue you like. Most venues will offer catering and alcohol with different packages, so be sure to look through those and compare several venues. Also, some venues offer bridal suites, DJ’s, cake services, and wedding coordinators to help make the day go as smoothly as possible. So, be sure to look out for little extras that may be included to help make your decision.

Photo Ops
I love photography and am always look for amazing backgrounds, so my wedding day is going to be no different. If you can find a venue that is everything you want, be sure to check for beautiful photo options for your big day. This is important for you, but also for your guests. You know everyone loves taking photos at a wedding and amazing scenery is going to make that picture great over a white wall.

It’s never fun to talk about budget, but for most brides it is important to stay in budget. One thing I think is something you can splurge on is the venue. If you find somewhere that is absolutely perfect but just a little more than you were hoping to spend, cut back on something else that is not as important to you to make it possible. To prevent going too high over budget, when searching for venues look at the price first. Then, if it looks reasonable browse the packages and photos to see if you want to go make a tour and possibly book the venue for your wedding.

The most important aspect to consider is your guests. Yes, this is your day, but without happy guests your wedding day will not be as successful! Think convenient and fun and what you would like if you were a wedding guest!

Picking Your Wedding Venue –

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