Winter is truly a wonderland when it comes to inexpensive and creative ideas for your wedding. There are so many fun wintery elements that you can incorporate into your décor to really make your wedding unique. Winter has many possible themes, whether your wedding is centered around the excitement of the Holidays or the quiet peacefulness of nature as it goes dormant. Below are some great winter wedding ideas that will make your big day an event to remember.

Table Settings and Center Pieces
Since few plants flower in the winter, why not skip the flowers on your tables and utilize what mother nature gives you for free. Gather pine cones, twigs, and berries to use as a part of your center piece. They are easy to find and can be painted white, silver, gold, or red to really make them stand out. You can also buy metallic floral spraypaint from a craft store and use it to “frost” your natural elements to make them look elegant and wintery. This DIY centerpiece will cost you very little money, but the results will be priceless.


Cocktails and Meals
Plan to serve some special wintery cocktails to get everyone feeling warm and toasty. Hot Toddys, cinnamon martinis, or irish coffee are great drinks to warm the soul. Coordinate with the vendor who is providing your bar and see if they can help you choose some seasonal cocktail options to offer your guests.


For your meal, consider fare such as game, fowl, or roast rack of lamb. Serve with harvest-type vegetables like squash and root vegetables. You may also want to serve a hearty soup such as pumpkin or butternut squash. Choosing seasonal foods will usually cut down on the catering costs.


Setting the Mood
For an intimate atmosphere, use lots of candles at each table but keep the overhead room lighting low. This will really warm up the room and enhance the mood of your celebration. For a brighter and lighter atmosphere, try using white Christmas lights or paper lanterns to illuminate the room in a wash of light, which will give everything a magical feel. These affordable lighting solutions will really help set the tone for your reception.


Winter Wedding Color Palettes
Winter is the time of the year when nature goes dormant, so this should be reflected in your color palette. Stick with various shades of white along with cool and neutral colors for your wedding color palette. Creative accents can add a splash of color against the neutral background.

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