Floral arrangements definitely add to the beauty of any wedding, but they can also eat up a large portion of your wedding budget. What if you could get the same visual impact for a fraction of the cost, or even free? Well, here is a great way to do just that: DIY paper wedding flowers. With a little practice, and some patience, you can create everything from bridal bouquets to Boutonnières with paper.

Paper flowers mimic what is found in nature,  but they are far more durable—they won’t wilt or droop. Another benefit of paper flowers is that they are always in season. Have a favorite flower? Chances are you can find an online tutorial for ways to make it with paper. You can create pretty much anything you can dream up, and you’re not limited by which flowers happen to be in season for your wedding. Because these are made of paper, you can create them in any color to match your wedding color scheme. You can even get effects that would be impossible with real flowers, such as using different paper textures, making the flowers larger-than-life for a really stunning visual, or incorporating printed patterns that match your wedding decor. Get creative and have fun with it!

These paper flowers will take some time and effort to create, but it’s not as hard as you may think. The process will go a lot faster with some help, so get your bridesmaids together for a flower making party. Each bridesmaid could make her own bouquet. Pages from books, maps, and even old newspaper can be turned into little works of art. Not only are paper flowers eco-friendly, but they will last forever as a wonderful keepsake from your wedding day!

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