After all of the hard work you put into planning your budget wedding, you deserve a relaxing getaway, but travel isn’t cheap and your honeymoon is no exception. Never fear, the thrifty bride and groom can still have an amazing vacation on a modest budget. Since you’re trying to minimize your wedding-related expenses, consider some of these affordable honeymoon locations that offer amazing experiences without the amazing price tag.

The Caribbean

affordable carribean honeymoon

If you’re traveling from the east coast or even the mid-west of the US, the Carribean makes a great affordable honeymoon spot. Thanks to all-inclusive resorts and affordable airfare, these island getaways have become much more accessible and affordable for honeymooners. The budget-minded bride and groom can get a great deal on air and hotel packages through the major resort companies such as Sandals and Beaches. Many packages include meals, lodging and activities or excursions. You can get some great discounts depending on the time of year you plan to travel, but beware of hurricane season (June through November). If you plan to travel during this time, consider purchasing travel insurance or make sure your reservations are fully refundable.


affordable mexico honeymoon

Consider heading south of the border for huge savings on your honeymoon. Mexico has a vibrant culture, ancient Mayan ruins, and plenty of fabulous resorts. Mexico also has world-class beaches and the weather is sunny and warm most of the year. If you’re trying to save money, the best time to honeymoon in Mexico is May through December. Prices are lower during these months, but the weather is still relatively nice. Mexico is easily accessible from all parts of the US. Many resorts offer all inclusive packages that include airfare, accommodations, food and drinks. Check travel / security advisories for the cities you plan to travel to. In general Mexico is a safe place, however certain areas should be avoided.

Washington, DC

affordable washington, DC honeymoon

You may be surprised to see our nation’s capitol on the list, but Washington, DC is truly an international city with something for everyone. The history of DC alone is enough to make this a premier honeymoon destination, and since many of the attractions in this town cost little or nothing to see, DC is very affordable for honeymooners. There are lots of places to stay in DC, which means you can shop around to find the best rates on hotels. With the convenient DC metro system, traveling around the city is easy, so you don’t need to stay right in the heart of town to see everything the city has to offer. Spend your days exploring the museums, monuments, the national zoo, and maybe do a little shopping while you’re at it. Then enjoy a candlelit dinner overlooking the scenic Potomac River and finish the night with stroll along the tidal basin by the Jefferson memorial. What could be more romantic than that?

Take a Cruise

affordable cruise honeymoon

Cruises are one of the most affordable ways to get away for a vacation. Since your mode of transportation, food, and accommodations are all built into one package, you can really save some serious cash on your honeymoon. If you live close to a port of departure you can save even more since you won’t have to worry about travel expenses to the ship’s location. There are many cruise lines offering inexpensive packages that make this a great way to enjoy your honeymoon. Popular destinations are Alaska, the Caribbean, Bermuda, Nova Scotia, and even the Mediterranean. Cruises offer plenty activities on board, plus you can plan shore excursions in your various ports of call.

Wine Country, CA

affordable wine country honeymoon

If you’re a wine lover, then what better place to spend your honeymoon than California’s wine country? With gorgeous landscapes, amazing food, and endless vineyards, you’ll be sure to have a romantic honeymoon. Spend your days tasting wine at some of the country’s best vineyards, tasting the fresh California cuisine, and exploring the scenic Napa Valley countryside. Visit mid-week during the winter months to get the best deals on lodging and look for vineyards that offer free wine tastings. Many of the restaurants offer great lunch specials, so fill up on an extravagant lunch and stick to lighter fare for dinner.

Las Vegas, NV

affordable vegas honeymoon

The city of Las Vegas might conjure up images of high rollers with loads of cash, but surprisingly Sin City can be very affordable if you plan it right. Where else can you fins an all you can eat buffet for only a dollar? Vegas is the home of inexpensive food, and free drinks if you’re a gambler. But even if you’re not a big gambler, you can still enjoy the many attractions that the city offers. World-famous entertainers, extraordinary shows, shopping, and arguably some of the best people-watching that exists anywhere make this a great destination for your affordable honeymoon. Vegas has rooms for every budget. You can usually get a room at one of the major casinos for between $80-100 per night on weeknights. Weekend rates will run anywhere from $200-$300 per night. There are lots of specials rates and freebies if you do your research ahead of time. Some casinos will even give you gaming credits or free meals just for staying in one of their rooms for a few nights.

A romantic honeymoon doesn’t have to cost a fortune. By planning ahead, it is possible to experience an amazing honeymoon on a budget. Your honeymoon should be a celebration of your new marriage, not an all out spending spree. By planning ahead and choosing a budget friendly destination, you can have an affordable honeymoon that you’ll cherish for a lifetime

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